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Start with these 8 freelance jobs from home

If you’re looking to increase your income, but don’t want to commute to an office job every day, then freelance jobs from home may be the way to go. Freelancing allows you to set your own schedule and work when it works best for you, allowing you the flexibility and autonomy you need while still providing a steady paycheck.

To help you find freelance jobs that can be done from home, we’ve put together this list of eight online opportunities that you can use to fill your schedule with.

Proof reading

1) Proofreading

Proofreading is one of those freelance jobs from home that doesn’t require an advanced degree, but it will definitely make you feel like a scholar. If you’re passionate about reading and grammar, then proofreading is an excellent option for earning money from home.

In fact, today there is a wide range of editing and proofreading services available online, including companies like Proofread Anywhere. For example, if clients need their proposals or marketing materials edited or proofread before they send them out to potential investors, they can submit them directly to these types of websites—and professionals will tackle all edits.

The hourly rate for editors and proofreaders tends to be around $20 per hour; however, most opportunities pay less than $10 per hour. It might not seem like much now, but trust us: with just a few years of experience under your belt, you could easily earn six figures as a full-time editor.

Graphic designing

2) Graphic designing

There are several freelance jobs from home that are ideal for graphic designers who want to work from home. Graphic design jobs at home include everything from logo design and banner creation to full web page development.

These types of freelance jobs are great because they allow you to use your creativity while working in a quiet environment where distractions won’t be an issue. Designing graphics online is becoming more popular, as it gives those with little or no experience a chance to show off their skills, which makes it easier than ever to find freelance jobs in creative fields like graphic design.

Many employers prefer hiring individuals for projects rather than companies, so if you have time and talent, you might find yourself with more freelance opportunities than you can handle!

Online tutoring

3) Online tutoring

Many people choose to use an online tutoring service because they don’t want to be tied down to a rigid schedule or location. Online tutors are also less likely to face any special educational requirements that may be required in your area (like certification), meaning there’s no limit on who could become an online tutor.

If you’re fluent in a foreign language, or even really good at teaching English, there are lots of people who would love to take lessons from you remotely. This has several advantages over taking on more traditional tutoring jobs: your schedule is flexible and it’s possible to teach English remotely to overseas students.

Although most of these jobs require certification and background checks, some companies offer freelance work and allow their teachers complete freedom to structure their own lesson plans and conduct online interactions with students. If a 9-to-5 isn’t working for you, consider an online tutoring job!

Data entry

4) Data entry

Data entry is a very important part of any business. Most firms need data to be entered into a database or spreadsheet for future reference. It might sound like an easy job, but it’s not! Data entry requires tons of patience and attention to detail.

You have to make sure that everything is typed correctly and that there are no spelling errors in your documents before submitting them. Not only is data entry one of the most popular freelance jobs from home, but it’s also one of the highest paying jobs out there!

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If you really love working from home, then data entry might be for you! You could earn anywhere from $500-$1,000 per month doing these jobs! This is an excellent way to get started with being a freelance worker online.

Virtual assistant

5) Virtual assistant work

Virtual assistants are one of many types of freelancers out there, but they are unique in that they don’t need to be licensed, trained, or certified. As long as your employer has a basic understanding of computer systems and how they work (and aren’t expecting you to deal with highly confidential or proprietary information), working from home is as easy as pie.

Whether it be responding to emails or developing database lists and form letters, virtual assistants can perform most tasks from their home office just as easily as if they were sitting at a desk in an office.

Virtual assistant jobs also provide flexibility; many full-time employees choose to moonlight on their own time for extra cash, giving them a nice break from nine-to-five life.


6) Transcription

If you’re an experienced transcriber and looking for freelance jobs from home, your skills are in demand. With more and more companies creating videos to promote their products or build brand awareness, there’s a growing need for transcriptionists who can turn videos into text that search engines can easily process.

If you have relevant experience and a strong command of written English, consider working from home as a transcriptionist. This is one of those high-skill, low-workload gigs—often with multiple work opportunities posted simultaneously—that’s perfect for freelancers looking to make some quick money while staying at home all day.

Direct sales

7) Direct sales

Direct sales is a great home-based job for stay-at-home moms and people who love to network and socialize. Sales reps are typically independent contractors who set their own hours and run their own businesses out of their homes.

Many companies that hire for direct sales contracts hire independent reps to sell their products, meaning you can set your own hours and work from home. In addition, most direct sales jobs don’t require previous experience or a college degree, meaning many people have an opportunity to earn money at these jobs — although some may require professional licenses depending on where they operate.

Facebook Page Management

8) Facebook Page Management

Facebook is a major social media platform that attracts millions of users each month. Many people use Facebook for personal reasons, but business owners have begun to create their own Facebook pages and post valuable content that leads to increased traffic and sales.

One of my favorite side jobs from home (if I can call it that) is managing a company’s Facebook page. The benefit of being a page manager is two-fold: first, I can build connections with people within the brand’s network; second, I learn more about how my employer approaches their marketing strategies. Most employers will hire freelancers on an ongoing basis so there are always opportunities available.

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