6 unique freelance jobs you didn't know existed

6 unique freelance careers you didn’t know existed

The freelance economy has exploded over the past decade, with more and more people either starting or working for themselves as freelancers rather than sticking to the traditional workplace model. While traditional jobs are certainly still around and strong, many opportunities in the freelance world can open doors you didn’t even know existed. Here are 6 unique freelance careers you didn’t know existed to help you find your perfect fit!

Freelance artist

1) Freelance artist

Many people assume that if they’re not working a traditional 9-to-5, they must be freelancing in some capacity. However, there are many different types of freelancers—including artists. These are professionals who take orders for commissioned works or produce original art for buyers and often sell their work through galleries or online. To make a living as an artist, you have to have talent and show potential buyers that your work is worth buying. Create a compelling portfolio of samples, and use social media for marketing yourself.

If you’re starting out with no track record in the industry, getting involved with a gallery can help build up your resume and give them control over what they choose to showcase. As long as you don’t mind not making much money off each piece at first, it’s one way to get established quickly.

Make sure when using social media platforms that all content shows up professionally. An aspiring artist must have an active Facebook page, but what is shared on those pages (pictures/videos) is also important. All of these things will be looked at by galleries looking for new artists, so do not share anything unprofessional.

Freelance copywriter

2) Freelance copywriter

Copywriters earn their bread and butter by writing content for various industries, from ad agencies to marketing companies to startups. If you have a passion for writing and engaging with customers, freelancing as a copywriter could be your dream job.

You might even find that making money writing is more lucrative than working at one of these big-name brands! That said, successful copywriting comes with an art form all its own.

Your customer service skills must be on point; when clients hire freelance copywriters, they’re hiring them directly. Take time to learn about customer experience management and customer engagement before getting started as a full-time freelancer so you can provide better service.

Freelance makeup artist

3) Freelance makeup artist

People who want to experiment with looks but don’t want to spend a lot of money can hire a freelance makeup artist for affordable trial runs and special events. Like other artists, makeup artists need proper training and certification, but classes aren’t as expensive or time-consuming as becoming a full-time hairstylist.

As long as you have some artistic ability, it could be a fun way to make extra cash for treating yourself (or your friends). You may even inspire others to give their own skills a try!

Freelance journalist

4) Freelance journalist

Becoming a journalist and reporting directly to editors is a fairly traditional career. But freelancing has come on in leaps and bounds, with big names like Fiverr (where you can get paid $5 for your first gig) springing up, as well as sites that specifically support freelancers, such as Freelancer and Upwork.

Even if you’re not quite sure where to start with freelancing, look into journalism as a starting point – it’s extremely competitive but makes a great introduction to building a portfolio of work that’s relevant to potential clients. It also helps if you have writing samples or an idea of what type of piece or story you want to write for your client.

Freelance videographer

5) Freelance videographer

If being a ‘cameraman’ is creative enough for you, why not be a ‘videographer’? In simple terms, a videographer’s job is to film an event or function. Most of these events are weddings. The other popular one is annual general meetings (AGMs). Some startup companies also hire freelancers as videographers to create promotional videos of their products or services.

These can be used on websites and social media platforms as advertisements. All you need to get started in freelance videography is some knowledge of editing software and an eye for good visuals. Apart from that, you will have to learn how to operate specific camera models depending on what type of jobs are available in your area.

Freelance architect

6) Freelance architect

The field of architecture is in high demand as our world continues to grow and modernize quickly. Even if your state requires architects to have a degree from an accredited university or be licensed by their local authority, most firms are willing to hire freelancers for short-term projects and will still provide training and guidance.

Some even offer perks like health insurance benefits or retirement plans! If you love architecture but aren’t quite sure about school yet, start small with side jobs and slowly build up enough knowledge and experience that people will start seeking you out for work.

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