How to overcome depression?

8 Ways to Overcome Depression

What is Depression?

When you are depressed, you constantly feel sad and have lost your interest in doing things that you usually do. The severity of symptoms of depression varies significantly between different types. Depression usually doesn’t result from a single event but from a combination of factors.

You must be wondering why I strike through the above paragraph because I believe that there is no exact and permanent definition of depression. Every individual interprets depression differently. Some get depressed when they fail at something, and others ignore it.

Some get depressed when they eat more, while eating is fun for others. For some, breaking up with a loved one is life-changing while for others it is just a phase in the path. Depression is hard for people to overcome and with a few steps, it can be dealt with. For people suffering from depression, it can be hard to find even the motivation to get out of bed in the morning, let alone to overcome their problems and live life to the fullest again.

While no one can make that choice but you, there are plenty of different ways you can make your depression more manageable so that you will want to get out of bed each day and start living again. These eight steps should help you along your way to overcoming depression.

1) Talk with your family members and friends

We all need someone’s support in our hard times even just talking to your true friend reduces half of your depression. So, when you feel depressed, just reach out for help and toss this thought into the trash of what he/she will think about you? Nooo!!!! You will be welcomed with a warm heart if they are your pals, so Yesss!!! Keep in touch with your true friends and you will be blessed. Our family members and friends are natural antidepressants for us.

2) Write down your feelings

Writing down your problems in your notebook is also a good way to deal with the problem. I always prefer to write in a notebook instead of writing on devices. Pouring your emotions onto paper really makes you feel lighter and you are also able to find the cause of the issue. When you write and read that note, you realize that sometimes the problem isn’t as big as you thought and you only need to shift your perspective.

P.S (Don’t share your writings with anyone)


3) Go for meditation and yoga

Meditation and yoga help you to calm down and increase your power of concentration. It also helps you to release negative energy and give relaxation to your body and mind. Practicing meditation on regular basis can improve your mental health. Yoga on the other hand also can help fight depression. Different poses of yoga are especially practiced for reducing depression. Yoga has been practiced for years to enhance physical and mental health. It improves your mood and you feel good about yourself.

4) Don’t listen to sad music

It is a common practice that when people feel sad or depressed, they tend to listen to sad songs or music which increases their sadness and makes them feel worse. Never listen to sad music when you are facing some hard days of your life. Instead of it, listen to motivational and inspirational speakers.

It will give you the motivation to feel whole again, and by listening to the opinions and experiences of people, you will get to know that you are not alone. Thousands of people there have also faced this, but they didn’t give up. This will give you a ray of hope and transformation always starts with hope.

The above methods were ways of depression treatment without drugs. You can also go for medical help if you need it.

Medical help

5) Don’t be shy to seek medical help

Can you beat depression without medication? The answer is yes you can. But, when you have tried all things and they haven’t worked out in your favor and you still feel depressed and hopeless, and if this depression is affecting your mental health and your physical health as well, then now it is time to see a doctor.

It is perfectly okay to seek medical aid. In some cases, individuals feel embarrassed to ask for medical help. This is not a healthy mindset, so seek out a medical expert when you need to. After all, your health is your wealth, so you should take care of it.

Listed above are a few ways to overcome depression. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to these, there are many other ways to fix this issue. Let us know in the comments what remedies you use.

6) Take time for yourself

Depression can often feel like a whirlwind that comes out of nowhere and pulls you in. Sometimes, it’s not until we stop and look around that we realize just how deep into it we are.

That’s why one of my favorite methods for overcoming depression is taking time for yourself. Whether it’s some alone time or a night out with friends, allowing yourself to step away from your troubles is a powerful way to get perspective on your life and recharge so you can make positive changes moving forward.

Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish; in fact, doing so helps ensure you don’t add another problem on top to an already difficult situation.

7) Get in touch with nature

Getting in touch with nature has been shown to have a multitude of health benefits and is especially effective at helping people overcome depression. On days when you’re feeling down, try taking a long walk through a park or hiking trail.

As for any other mental illness, overcoming depression requires time and commitment. For example, getting more exercise and spending more time outside can both be very beneficial when trying to overcome depression.

8) Set achievable goals

Setting achievable goals is one of life’s little secrets to overcoming depression. When you set goals, especially if you write them down, it gives you a visual reminder of what you need to do, and that encourages us to take action.

There are three elements to goal setting: identify your goal, break your goal into actions steps, time frame in which you’ll complete each step.

After that, celebrate every success! If there’s a tough time during your course of action, don’t be hard on yourself—get back up and get going again. You can do it!

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