How to stay positive?

How to Stay Positive When Life Throws You a Curve ball

If you’re like most people, your life isn’t going exactly as planned right now. Maybe you just got laid off from your job, or maybe you just broke up with your loved one and aren’t sure what to do next. Even though it feels like the whole world has been turned upside down, there are steps you can take to stay positive in these trying times. Read on to learn why you should keep your chin up and how to stay positive in the face of life’s curveballs.
Sometimes life gets full of failures, problems, and heartbreaks and we all get frustrated at some point in life because things don’t happen the way we want. In those times of hardship, negativity gets over to us and it is quite normal.  But the problems begin to start when it goes beyond the limit. We are always told to “Be Positive” at all times. But sometimes this phrase seems to be meaningless. The question ‘how to stay positive during difficult times’ remains a mystery to us.

How to stay positive in a negative world?

There will always be challenging situations and obstacles in life. Having a perfect life is impossible for anyone of us. It is actually an illusion to have a perfect life. “Ideal exists only in ideas”. We really need to learn the “Art of being positive” in every negative situation and how to stay positive when bad things keep happening. Unfortunately, this art is not being taught at any academic level. Here I will discuss four ways to be positive.

This shall pass too

1) This shall pass too

It does not matter how good or how bad the situation is. This fact remains the same that it will pass too. This too shall pass meaning is that the climate of spring doesn’t last forever, just like that of autumn. Likewise, in life, bad days pass eventually, and as time goes on the wound or pain starts to heal and we begin to feel normal again. In times of hardship, we just need to keep in mind that give some time to time itself and it will be okay soon.

Why me?

2) Never say “Why Me”?

In times of difficulty, we always think that “Why does it happen to me always? Why me Lord?  “But, in times of ease, we never ask “Why me?”Why me Lord? It’s natural to feel depressed in a difficult situation, but we must try to stay positive We should always look at the positive aspects of every circumstance, regardless of how insignificant they may seem.

Show gratitude towards life

3) Show gratitude toward life

Why do we tend to look at the people who are better off than we are rather than on looking at those who are worse off??. We always have something in life for which we can be grateful. Gratitude brings happiness to life. You should make a list of everything you cannot live your life without, even if it is a small thing, and you will soon discover that you already own most of it. As soon as you adopt this habit, you will notice a big transformation in your life and you feel gratitude for life.

See the glass half full

4) See the glass half full

In times of trials and mishaps, we tend to see everything negatively. During those times, we don’t realize that our lives consist of more than that. There are thousands of blessings around us that we often take for granted. Most of the time, the situation is not that bad, but we tend to focus on the half-empty glass rather than the half-full glass. Try to look at every negative event as a positive one. sending positive thoughts and creating good vibes around you will ease your life.

Positive thoughts

5) Importance of Positive Thoughts

When you’re having a bad day, it’s easy to send those negative thoughts out into the world and have them bounce right back to you again. But when you’re feeling positive and good about your life, why not send some of that positivity out into the world, where it can start to work its magic on other people as well?.
Positive vibes can be beneficial to both you and the people around you, allowing everyone involved to feel happier and better about themselves and their lives overall. A positive attitude can do wonders to improve your life—and the lives of those around you, too! Take steps today to send out positive thoughts and create positive vibes around you.

6) Control What You Can

A lot of us feel helpless when we experience negative events, like work setbacks or relationship problems. Our reaction to these things, however, is something we can control Although it is not easy, you have total control over your reaction to any given situation.

Staying positive is a matter of just taking those reactions one moment at a time. Instead of letting negative thoughts consume you, try reframing your attitude by looking for something good in every situation—no matter how small it may seem. The more you practice finding silver linings, the easier it will be to stay positive overall!

7) Trust in the Process

It can be easy to get frustrated when something doesn’t go your way, especially if you have high expectations for yourself. But it’s important to understand that setbacks are an inevitable part of life, and it’s impossible to always keep your emotions in check. Take a moment and ask yourself: Is there really anything I can do right now? Before you move forward, take time to think about what happened.

Knowing that you tried hard is better than beating yourself up over a situation out of your control. Eventually, take steps toward improving yourself—but know that patience will ultimately lead you closer than being impatient ever will.

8) Don’t Expect Perfection

Don’t look for perfection, whether in yourself or others. We all make mistakes. So do our partners, friends, and family members—and we love them anyway! When you expect people to be perfect, you will only be disappointed. If something doesn’t go your way today, try giving yourself (or someone else) a break, and remember: There is no such thing as perfect in life… nor should there be!

9) Understand That It Is OK to Feel Down Once in a While

When you’re presented with problems, remember that many of your feelings are dictated by perception. The problem might be absolutely miserable, but if you change your attitude, it can get better. Give some thought to what brings you happiness in life.

Make an effort to shift your focus onto those things when it feels like everything is crashing down around you. Look for solutions instead of dwelling on negative feelings—this will help keep them at bay until they diminish on their own. Chances are good that things will work out if you just give yourself time to find new ways around whatever’s bothering you!

10) Have Fun with Your Problems!

Stress is no fun, especially when it’s eating away in your daily life. But you can find relief with small, simple changes. Focus on enjoying your problems instead of being frustrated by them and you’ll feel better about yourself and happier in general. So next time work gets stressful or money is tight, try looking for a way to enjoy what you have, and maybe—just maybe—it won’t seem like such a problem after all. You’ll be amazed at how much stress that simple shift in perspective can relieve!

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  1. Positivity brings energy and confidence to do work it makes you believe in yourself.Thank you so much for posting this article and helping us come out of the problems that we face.

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