Money can buy happiness

8 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness

How many times have you heard someone say, money can’t buy happiness? And yet, research has shown that money can buy happiness undoubtedly, especially if you use it wisely. People always say that money is just a secondary issue in life.

This is true partly, but not entirely. Your life should not only be about earning lots of money, but also saving enough money for yourself so that you will not have to look to others in times of need.

Money can buy you many things, from food to shoes, from education to entertainment. But contrary to popular belief, money can actually make you happy as well! The key to understanding how money can buy happiness lies in knowing how to use it properly and what to spend it on.

While money can’t buy you happiness, it can certainly help you enjoy life more. The key to using money to buy happiness lies in determining what you value and then being intentional about spending money in ways that positively impact those values

Now when we talk about money, the question always comes up can money buy happiness? The answer is a big yes!!!!!! Yes, money can buy happiness. Let’s take a look at seven ways money can indeed buy happiness — with plenty of tips to help you get started! Here I will discuss five ways to buy happiness with money.

1) Pay your expenses on your own

If you earn money from a legal source and you pay off all your expenses on your own, which will give you a sense of fulfillment. You won’t need to rely on anyone for your expenses. You can order whatever you want, without any interference. But it will also make you think twice before buying something unnecessarily because you have worked hard for this money.

2) Feed the hungry

Your money can buy happiness by feeding the hungry(human beings or animals) or giving charity to organizations that provide food. When you give your money to those without reciprocation, you gain a sense of altruism. So, you should run to feed the hungry. You should never consider your given amount less than others, no matter how small it is, just give. In the end, drops are what makes a river.

Studies show that people who give their time and money to others are happier than those who don’t. Even better, research indicates that giving has both a direct impact on our happiness (i.e., helping others makes us feel good) and an indirect one (helping others tends to make us more healthy, which in turn makes us happier). 

3) Pay someone’s education fee

Your hard-earned money can buy happiness if you spend it on someone else’s education. Even if you spend your money on just one student, it will cause you to feel great. You can even purchase someone’s course books, which will assist them in their studies. These books will not only benefit this student, but it will also benefit others when he gives them to someone else, and this will continue the virtue of giving.

One 2010 study found that individuals who volunteer report greater well-being than those who don’t; another found volunteering reduced symptoms of depression for participants in treatment for depression. Giving to organizations you support can be an excellent way to satisfy your urge to help while also working toward your long-term financial goals—it is a win-win situation! Yess!!! money can buy happiness.

4)Buy small things from poor vendors

When you purchase small things from poor vendors who are working hard to make their living and who don’t ask for money, you can buy happiness. No matter how small the items you buy, they will be important to them. It may seem unnecessary for you, but your money will certainly bring them happiness. In addition, you will feel satisfied for playing your part in bringing about goodness in society.

5) Plant trees

Planting trees is beneficial to the environment. The trees provide us with oxygen and clean air. Trees are crucial. You can also contribute here. By purchasing seeds and planting trees, you can enjoy a greater sense of satisfaction as these trees will grow and benefit people. Happiness has an attribute of reciprocity; if you give it to someone, it will return to you in another way.

6) Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things

A study from Princeton University shows that money can buy happiness, but only if you spend it on experiences—not material things. The researchers found that people who bought material goods reported decreased happiness in subsequent years while those who spent money on vacations, dinners out, and concerts said they were happier. So find something you’ve always wanted to do and treat yourself!

7) Think of your money as an investment

It can be hard to think of money as an investment since most of us use it to buy concrete items like food and clothing. That’s why people often feel guilty if they’re spending money on something that isn’t a necessity.

But some purchases can actually increase your happiness—and even buy you more time in your busy life. For example, paying for childcare or cleaning services makes parents happier than buying toys for their kids. Buying experiences instead of things also helps—think museum memberships or concert tickets over flat-screen TVs or game consoles.

8)Buy experiences, not things

We’ve all heard that money can’t buy happiness, but in certain cases, it certainly can. Experiences make us happy, and money is a great way to buy those experiences. You might be surprised by how little you need for a trip around town that you’ll remember for years.

Of course, there are times when you have to spend lots of money on new things—like a car or a home—but once you’ve bought what you need and are looking to buy happiness, look towards buying experiences. They don’t cost as much as other alternatives, but they’re likely to give your life meaning and make it better than if you’d spent on an expensive television instead.


There are many other ways in which you can spend funds and get joy, So, we can say that money can buy happiness.

But, here two points should be kept in mind: If you want to buy happiness with money, first, make sure the money comes from legal and reputable sources, and second, you must be willing to give your money away in pursuit of someone else’s happiness and must have a pure intention to help someone, no matter how little you spend 🙂 Happy buying ♥️♥️

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