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Is Social Media Addiction a Real Thing or Not?

Social Media Addiction means:

Addiction to social media is a type of disorder in which teens or young adults become engrossed by social networking sites and are unable to lessen or simply stop their usage of internet media even with apparent dire outcomes and drastic downsides.

How does it occur?

You must have experienced once in a while that when you upload a picture or post on a social network, you wait for likes and comments. In addition, you always check what type of responses you have received to your post.

You feel satisfied when you receive compliments that are appreciative. Whatever you post, no matter if it’s your own photo or an image of a celebrity you like or any other content. Actually, this happens because the level of dopamine chemical increases, which is responsible for the brain’s reward system and motivation system.

This is a similar reaction that occurs when you get the first position in a speech competition. Increasing social media addiction kills hours of precious time by just scrolling through timelines. As a matter of fact, the idea behind these platforms is that their users become engrossed in them so much that they become addicted to them.

The main source of income for these platforms is advertising, which is why they want to attract and engage more users. These platforms are often believed to be free to use, but people are not aware that they are buying them with their time. The cos of social media is “TIME”. In this blog I’ll talk about five misuses of social media that are leading people to become addicted to it, ruining their happiness, and affecting their relationships.

Is Social Media Addiction a Real Thing?

Social media has changed the way that we connect with others and the world around us, but it’s also caused some people to be more addicted to it than they are to actual social interactions.

While some worry that social media addiction is causing people to become more anti-social, others argue that there’s no such thing as social media addiction, only antisocial behavior. It may not be clear yet if social media addiction really exists or not, but learning about how it can affect your life and what you can do about it will help you avoid negative side effects.

Are you addicted to your phone or are you just constantly on it?

A common misconception about social media addiction is that it applies only to people who are excessively active on social media. In fact, there are many different levels of social media addiction, and you might be addicted even if you’re not an avid poster on every single platform.

The first step in determining whether or not you have a problem with your phone is understanding what normal use looks like. If you’re spending more than two hours per day online, more than five hours per week on your phone, or if your phone usage has negatively impacted your relationships with friends and family members, then it’s possible that you have a problem.

If so, don’t panic! The good news is that most social media addicts can overcome their problems with some simple lifestyle changes.

Here are some adverse effects of social media which should be considered thoroughly

1) It decreases your sense of self-worth

People usually upload filtered pictures on social media. They take dozens of selfies for one perfect selfie. The pictures most often posted are the ones in which people look stunning.

Rather than enjoying the picnic spot, they spend most of their time taking gorgeous photos to post on social media. It is true, however, that people in real life often look very different from those pictures. Seeing these pictures and posts makes you feel as if you are far behind the others.

You start comparing yourself with others which is the root cause of dissatisfaction in life. Spending a lot of time on social media causes you to feel like you don’t have the same quality of life as others, and this causes your self-esteem to drop.

2) It reduces your concentration ability

You can’t totally focus on your studies at first, nor on your everyday work which requires full concentration and focus. Social media can significantly reduce your productivity. When you use your phone while studying, it creates distraction and the data won’t be stored in your long-term memory.

It usually creates a disturbance while online classes, where your home is your classroom. You can become a prisoner of social media by checking your phone frequently without doing anything productive. This habit sometimes becomes an addiction to the extent that when your phone is on charging you feel that there is something significant missing from your life.

3)It destroys your social skills

It’s called social media, but in reality, it damages your social skills. Social media users have much fewer social skills than people who step out and socialize. Dealing with people, in reality, isn’t as easy as talking via social media.

In dealing with people, your gestures, body language, and voice tone are all significant factors. Despite knowing all the emojis, you can use them in the real world, where your communication skill is the most significant factor in success.

Without effective communication, you can not clear your points to others which may lead to misunderstandings and you may also miss valuable opportunities due to them.

4) Gives you a fake sensation of fulfillment

When you share a photo or post on social media. You are basically asking people to judge you on this basis. When they comment or like the post, your dopamine levels increase. You tend to think that because people like you, you don’t need to improve yourself.

By just sitting at home, you are getting the same level of dopamine. Dopamine release is just like any addiction, like a smoker who started with one cigarette a day but eventually smoked ten cigarettes per day.

It’s the same way: you started using social media for half an hour that turned into six to seven hours. Increased dopamine levels are healthy – but getting them from unhealthy sources is a very inadequate investment of your time


As social media was invented to enable us to communicate with people who live far away from us. It’s a benefit for us. However, if you misuse it, things can get complicated for you.

It’s okay to use social media, but you should set some limits that must not affect your studies or social life. Certain social media sites provide an alert to remind you to check the time. Utilize them and make the most of your time. Time is like money, and if you waste it, you will regret it later.

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