What makes you attractive

What makes you attractive?,Only looks??,Absolutely not!!!

Attraction isn’t just physical, it’s also psychological. At first glance, you might think that someone is beautiful or handsome, but the truth of the matter is that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. What makes you attractive? Oftentimes, it’s kindness and humor (which don’t always go hand-in-hand).

Everyone has their own opinion on what makes someone attractive, whether it’s someone’s smile, eyes, voice, height, weight, or fashion sense.

While these aspects certainly play a role in the way we perceive attractiveness, new research suggests that certain personality traits are just as important as physical appearance when it comes to determine how we respond to people around us. So there’s no one answer to the question of what makes you attractive–it’s a combination of many different factors.

Being aware of these traits can help you better manage your interactions with others, especially if you’re looking to build stronger relationships and improve the effectiveness of your networking efforts at work and in social situations. Here are some tips to help you look more attractive in every sense of the word!

1) Embrace yourself the way you are

You aren’t only attractive because of the way you look. That’s just a little part of it. A person’s personality is formed by a variety of factors. Confidence, kindness, and a sense of humor, for example, are all desirable characteristics.

In fact, these qualities leave long-term effects on others. So, Don’t worry if you don’t think you look good. Embrace yourself the way you are and Bring out your inner light. You’ll be surprised at how attractive you really are.

2) Be kind towards humans and animals

We often think that looks are the only thing that makes a person attractive, but that’s not necessarily true. Studies have shown that people who are kind and compassionate towards others are considered more attractive than those who are not.Having a kind and cheerful nature is what makes you attractive.

This is because kindness is a sign of inner beauty, and it shows that a person is good-natured and cares about others. Be kind not only towards humans but also towards animals as well. Even, kindness to animals gives a sense of satisfaction and inner peace. So, if you want to be more attractive, start by being kind!

3) Be a good listener

We all know the saying,

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

The same applies to attraction. It’s not just about looks; it’s about being a good listener. Imagine the last time you were really attracted to someone.

Was it their physical appearance? Or was it their ability to listen intently and engage in conversation? Chances are, it was the latter. There’s something beautiful about someone who is interested in hearing what you have to say. They make you feel unique and valued, and that is a recipe for attraction. So if you want to up your attractiveness factor, start by being a better listener. You’ll see a huge difference.

4) Smile generously

We all know that a smile is contagious. When you see someone smiling, it makes you want to smile too. But did you know that smiling can also make you more attractive to others? A generous smile can do more than make you more attractive; it can increase your success at work.

A study published in Psychological Science (guest-authored by professor Adam Galinsky of Northwestern University) found that people who smiled during a job interview were perceived as more likable and competent.

This is likely because smiles indicate friendliness and confidence, both crucial to job performance. If you think back to when you first met new people or colleagues, they probably seemed friendly when they smiled at you; it’s natural to feel good around someone who radiates happiness. Smile generously every day (at yourself and others), and watch how naturally confident and friendly you become in return!

4) Have a good sense of humor

What makes you attractive is your appearance and attitude. One of the most attractive qualities a person can have is a good sense of humor. If you can make someone laugh, You’re more likely to grab their attention. It is also attractive to be able to laugh at yourself, which is another sign of confidence.

Having a good sense of humor isn’t necessarily about being funny, it’s about understanding how to make others laugh. When you can successfully make someone laugh, you are communicating and showing confidence.

At work or out on dates, a sense of humor is attractive because it makes you likable and relatable. Making others laugh takes practice but over time you will get better at it. And who doesn’t want to feel likable and confident in their life?

Good hygiene

5) Have a good hygiene

We all know that first impressions are important, and that goes double when it comes to attractiveness. After all, no one wants to be seen with someone who looks dirty or unkempt. A person who wants to appear attractive must practice good hygiene.

That means showering regularly, brushing your teeth, and making sure your hair is styled in a way that suits you. It also means paying attention to your overall appearances, such as your clothes and posture.

An excellent first impression is crucial, but it isn’t the only thing that matters.

If you make a good impression initially, people will want to get to know you better. It is unpleasant to be around people with bad body odor. That’s why having good hygiene is important if you want to look charming and attractive. Make sure to shower regularly, brush your teeth, and use deodorant. These simple steps will serve you better in making you more charismatic to others.

6) Don’t wear too much makeup

One of the things that makes a person attractive is not wearing too much makeup. Too much makeup can make a person look fake and plastic, and it can also be a bit off-putting. You can look more natural and approachable by wearing just the right amount of makeup.

Some studies show that people who wear too much makeup, or the wrong colors, can be perceived as less approachable. A study by researchers at Maastricht University found that women with more natural or minimal makeup were considered to be more approachable, friendly, and kinder than those wearing heavier makeup.

Think of make-up as an enhancement—not a necessity. If you aren’t happy with your natural appearance, think about lightening up on your make-up routine rather than piling it on even thicker! It’s far more important to have a positive attitude and a personality that gets others’ attention.

Be confident

7) Be confident

How confidence makes you attractive? There’s no doubt that confidence is attractive. Having positive thoughts about yourself makes you look good. Confident people are usually happy and secure in themselves, and they exude an air of self-assurance that can be very appealing. Confidence is also a sign of maturity.

Confident people tend to be able to handle life’s ups and downs with grace and ease.

They’re not afraid to take risks, and they’re comfortable in their own skin. When we feel confident about ourselves, we radiate our self-assurance outwards. Our confidence gives off signals that affect how people perceive us and thus their perception of our attractiveness as well.

Therefore, when people think of what makes someone attractive they should consider confidence as an important factor as well! Therefore, if you want to be more attractive, focus on building your self-confidence. It’s one of the most essential and primary things you can do for yourself, and it will definitely show when you interact with others.

P.S. You can also write down a list of traits you like about yourself to better understand what makes you attractive. 

Does being attractive make you more successful?

Studies have shown that people who are perceived as more attractive tend to earn more money and attain higher positions, in part because attractiveness seems to indicate high social status. Attractive people may also be viewed as more competent and trustworthy.

The association between attractiveness and success is likely due in part to other factors, such as self-confidence—and while your physical appearance has some influence on how others perceive you, what makes you attractive, it’s by no means only physical beauty that makes you beautiful but there are a lot of factors that contribute in personality building of a person.


In today’s world, what makes you attractive may not necessarily be how physically beautiful you are. The qualities that contribute to someone being more attractive can actually be different from what you might initially think. According to some psychologists, people who rank higher in studies of attractiveness aren’t always judged as having better appearances. In other words, it could be that what we perceive as good-looking doesn’t always match up with conventional physical standards.

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